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Elements Staff

Kolbi McKenzie


It is my mission to bring you a truly integrative hybrid experience at Elements Integrative Wellness Center, both in-person and on-line. It is important that my staff work as a team with you in the lead and directing your wellness journey. We want to teach you to be the champion of your own health.

I was born and raised a Wyomingite. I love people, being outside in the sun, boating, camping, paddle boarding and most recently golf lessons. I have been in the medical field for over 25 years in the areas of gynecology, emergency medicine, and Hospice Care. I studied at Bryant and Stratton College as well as American Academy of Grief, and Western Wyoming Community College. I ended my journey in Health Care Administration with several certifications in Centering Health Care and Grief Education. I am licensed in reflexology and foot zone therapy, and I am a master level mindfulness and meditation instructor.  I am looking forward to helping you navigate your journey to wellness.

Carol Iverson 
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine


Carol Iverson was born in NYC, raised on Long Island, NY.  She got her engineering degree from Duke University in North Carolina, worked briefly for Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company in Virginia before moving to Wyoming where she worked for PacifiCorp’s Dave Johnston and Jim Bridger power plants for a little over 30 years as a project engineer.  Carol was never a big fan of conventional medicine and so was on the look-out for alternatives whenever health issues came around.  

Carol and her husband had a cat who developed asthma.  Not knowing any other choices, her cat was treated with steroids (the conventional treatment).  In time, the steroids compromised the cat’s pancreas leading to diabetes. When the cat’s diabetes could not be brought into control with conventional treatment, Carol did some research and learned cats were obligate carnivores meaning, they are meant to only eat meat.  She and her husband switched the cat to an all meat, raw meat diet. Within 2 months the diabetes was gone and the asthma was in remission.  

Also during this time, Carol experienced a stroke as a complication from then undiagnosed atrial fibrillation; which thrust her into the conventional medical system.  The experience was most unpleasant. Fortunately, she came through the experience mostly unscathed; which she believed was a gift to be made use of. Upon reflecting on her experience and after seeing the success in treating her cat, Carol wanted to learn more about treating human conditions with diet.  So she went back to school and completed her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. She is now ready to help others find their path and explore their options in their healing journeys.

Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.  –Robert Frost

Mandy Jarvis 
Medical Director


“Mandy is currently the medical director at Elements. She worked as a nurse for 15 years in a variety of settings prior to becoming a nurse practitioner. Since becoming a nurse practitioner, she has worked at the pain clinic as well.”


Once your blood work comes back you will have the chance to meet our Nurse Practitioner and Ozone Specialist, Mandy Jarvis. Your blood work, your food sensitivities, past/current medical history and other provider recommendations will all help specify your personal health plan. As your provider Mandy will also be available for additional support throughout your program.

Lanette Ferguson
General Manager


Hi I'm Lanette and I am a Wyoming transplant. I have a breadth of experience in the corporate world helping organizations drive technology, people and process change. Prior to moving to Wyoming I became a certified coach and studied functional nutrition for 8 years and was a health coach. When I moved to Rock Springs I moved towards energy medicine. As an energy practitioner I do sound healing, emotional release, Access Consciousness Bars and other fun modalities that all help the body release what is no longer serving them. I love that I get to bring all of my knowledge and experience to Elements so that I can help even more people regain their health through the varied offerings at Elements. I love being in nature, am a lifelong learner and most of all I love helping people live their best life. I look forward to supporting you on our journey through your experience at Elements.

Darian Williams  A.K.A. Chef D

My name is Darian Williams, I'm 24 and currently work at Elements Integrative Wellness Center as a personal trainer and TRX instructor. Along with being a fitness fanatic, and a nutritionist in the making, I am also a chef. I earned my associates degree from esteemed Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in December of 2019.
My current goal is to help elevate lives in a reasonable fashion. Being healthy can be very difficult, especially if you do not have a big income. I want to help individuals live a healthier life without breaking the bank.

Health Coaching Team

Evelyn Hay

Evelyn is a Rock Springs native who loves spending time with family and friends and has come to enjoy the pleasures of living in a smaller town. She has always been fueled by exercise and nutrition and has recently become intrigued with the power of holistic healing. She is currently attending school to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Evelyn will be able to help clients discover what feeds their individual needs on and off the plate for a healthier and happier life. After being a stay-at-home mom for six years, Evelyn is looking forward to becoming more involved with Elements and is grateful for the opportunity to help guide others on their health journeys.

Monya Hudsick-Obando

Hi! I’m Monya (rhymes with Tonya). I’ve been passionate about health and wellness for 15 years and counting. From working in a health food store to managing a home with multiple food allergies, digestive issues and neurodivergent brains, I’ve learned first-hand how powerful food and lifestyle can be for our health. I earned my Health Coaching certificate from the  Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) as well as an additional certificate in a Detox Your Life Specialty Course. I've lived in Oregon, Massachusetts, France and now live in Maryland with my husband, two kids and two dogs.  When I'm not coaching, you'll find me enjoying yummy food, spending time outside (beach or forest), going to concerts, volunteering at my kid's school, practicing reiki or picking out a new crystal to love! 

Reiko Hannan

Hello! My name is Reiko. Connecting with others has always been an important aspect of my personal and professional life. After graduating from NYU, I began a career in hospitality and loved being part of the energy that created a hospitable experience for people around food. After years in varying jobs within the food industry, I realized I wanted to play a more significant role in people’s lives by helping them find fulfilling ways to nourish themselves holistically. I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), which has introduced me to a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods.

Kristine May

Kristine May, BSHS, NTP is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, receiving her certification through the Nutritional Therapy Association based out of Seattle, WA. She has a Bachelor of Science in Health Science, as well as an Associate’s degree in Health Information Technology. She worked for six years at the West Clinic, a world renowned integrative wellness clinic where she worked as a Nutritional Therapist and Practice Manager. Because she believes in continual education, she is currently studying emotional mastery and mindfulness and believes the mind/body connection is so crucial to optimal health and healing.

Kristine is grateful to be a part of the Elements team. It is important to like what you do. She appreciates optimal nutrition and the transformation she has seen in her own health and others. She loves the relationships she forms with team members and clients alike. Kristine knows that the future is bright for Elements Integrative Wellness Center and is eager to be a part of it all!


Teonna Windom


My name is Teonna Windom. I graduate high school in the next year. I work the front desk at elements. I'm a certified TRX instructor and I can't wait to see you at elements!

Jakob Burdette


One of the new TRX trainers and aspiring smoothie expert, I enjoy working at Elements and find myself having an elevated mood when I am around my co-workers and within our pristine environment.

Janette Cortes

Hello! My name is Janette Cortes. I’m originally from California but have lived in Wyoming most of my life. I love spending time doing anything outdoors with my dog, Hercules. I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for over seven years now and am truly passionate about helping people heal!

Izabele Frady

My name is Izabele Frady. I am a senior in high school, and I am very involved. I am on the Health Academy, Student Council, National Honor Society, and a cheerleader. When I graduate, I plan on going to medical school to become a pediatric surgeon or nurse.

London Allred

My name is London. I started working at Elements around the end of March 2023. My future plans include going to school for nursing and eventually becoming a Neurosurgeon.

Kailyn Cook.jpg
Kailyn Cook


My name is Kailyn and I am born and raised in Wyoming. I have been practicing yoga off and on for the last 15 years. I received my 200 yoga teacher training from Seek yoga in Laramie last year. 


I am currently going to school to be a Counselor with a concentration in Interpersonal Neurobiology from Southwestern College. I love studying the brain and finding ways to help heal the damage caused by trauma which I incorporate this love into my practice. I specialize in trauma yoga which means I incorporate modalities into the practice that disengages the fight or flight response, creates a space so the client feels safe and secure in their bodies, and calm the nervous system. Yoga is so much more than just movement to me, it's an incredible modality that does so much healing for the nervous system, body, and mind. I can't wait to share my practice with this community. 

Fitness Team

Emily Hunt.jpg
Emily Hunt


I am a Wyoming native and proudly graduated with honors from The University of Wyoming with degrees in Kinesiology and Health Promotion as well as Dance Science. I have been an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for over a decade. I am Certified in STOTT Pilates Matwork Levels 1 and 2 as well as STOTT Pilates Injuries and Special Populations. I have been trained in TRX Fitness and Group courses as well as The Pilates Suspension Method. I hold various other trainings including Total Barre, Barre Intensity, CORE, Pain Free Movement Specialist, and Pre and Post Natal Exercise. I have worked in so many different capacities in the fitness world, including owning my own fitness studio. I love helping all individuals experience exercise in a more positive way. I am especially passionate about helping individuals in pain. Throughout multiple injuries I have come to a deeper understanding and empathy of those dealing with musculoskeletal pain. It is a pursuit of mine to educate individuals on how the movement of the body can work with the signals of pain and not against it. I am very excited to be a part of the fitness team at Elements and cannot wait to help people through their movement journey! 

Katie Samz


I'm Katie Samz, I have lived in 5 different states but have lived in Wyoming the longest and it will always be my favorite place to call home. I’ve lived in Rock Springs for 10 years now and I have fell in love with our diverse and ever-changing community. I feel very lucky to live in an area surrounded by so many different landscapes. I started working at Elements several years ago doing photography and have found a love for hosting the Rise & Grind fitness class every Monday and Wednesday at 6am. I also work full time at Sweetwater Dental assisting our Office Manager, Hygienist, and Dr. Ryan Taylor. I have a passion for working in the health industry and being committed to helping others reach their highest potential while having fun. My classes are fast paced, energetic and intentional. I love to have a class theme with corresponding music and the occasional game day. I spend my free time in the mountains or traveling with my camera. I also run a small candle business called White Mountain Wax.

Cassandra Vincelette


I have been a practitioner of yoga for over 10 years and received my 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification in 2019. As an avid trail/mountain runner who enjoys taking on the occasional ultramarathon, yoga has helped me prevent injuries. It has also been crucial in helping me maintain positive mental health and handle the stresses that come with being a School Counselor. I enjoy incorporating yoga philosophy into my classes with a focus on alignment. I believe yoga is about healing and transformation. Yoga changes you which in turn changes your life. 

Misty Morris

Hello, I am Misty Morris. I am 47 years old; I’ve lived in Wyoming most of my life. I started coming to

Elements as a client and loved it so much I decided to stay once my program was complete. I obtained

my certification in teaching TRX in Nov of 2022. I am excited to see where I get to go next on my

wellness journey.

Martha Holzgrafe


Martha initially joined the Elements Team as a program member. Martha and her wife were on a journey seeking answers and a healthier lifestyle. Martha jumped into our TRX fitness classes and immediately started to love them. She found a love for fitness that she never thought she had. Her journey sent her down a path of working towards her Certified Personal Trainer certification, something she expects to achieve from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in September. Martha’s drive to help herself, pushed her into wanting to help others. Martha joined the Elements fitness team in August 2022 and is looking forward to seeing all of our clients during the nighttime classes!!

Amanda Clawson

I’m 43 years old, am married to Marty Walker and have three children, Kyleigh, Jadyn and Harper.  I am currently employed full time with the Rock Springs Police Department as the Detective Sergeant and I’ve been an officer for 22 years. I also previously served in the United State Army for 10 years.  I became a TRX instructor in 2022 following a back injury that the doctors thought needed surgery. TRX helped build my core strength up and my injury is now manageable.

Sue Arambel


Sharing my knowledge of Qigong and Tai Chi brings me joy. These ancient modalities which can be used for martial arts, spiritual enlightenment or health and wellness have been around for thousands of years. Having been a registered nurse for over 30 years my focus is on overall health and wellness of the body and mind. I have been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong for over 20 years and have been teaching in Rock Springs and Green River for the last 12 years. (Western Wyoming Community College, Equilibrium Fitness, Senior Center in Green River, and the Rock Springs Civic Center). I am certified to teach a variety of Qigong and Tai Chi forms so can tailor my classes to suit the needs of the participants. I am looking forward to “playing” Qigong/Tai chi with everyone at Elements.


Renee Gross


Renee is a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, working on her 500-Hour RYT through YogaFit,a nationally and internationally recognized organization for their safe and inclusive approach to yoga. Renee is also 100-Hour Certified in Warrior & Trauma Sensitive yoga and incorporates these techniques in every class. She teaches Flow Yoga and Kundalini Yoga to help spread kindness and to share mindful techniques in memory of her sister. Each week of class has a theme that brings together the following: breathing techniques, mindful practices, guided meditation, relaxation, and inspiring journal prompts focused on kindness for ourselves and each other. Renee communicates poses in easy-to-understand terms with modifications and varying options for all body types. 

Guest Staff

Sandi Carter
Sandi Carter

Sandi Carter is Elements Wellness’s resident hippie.  A licensed sound & tuning fork healer, she offers monthly sound baths, drum circles and other healing modalities that use vibration to assist clients in their healing journey.  Sandi possesses a vast knowledge of alternative healing methods that involve all the senses.  She is here to teach about chakras, crystals & stones,  earthing, oils, incense, sage, candles, the power of manifesting, journaling, herbal yoni steams and how to work with the different cycles of the moon. Integrating these methods of healing with the other services offered at Elements Integrative Wellness Center creates a complete wellness plan unique to each person.

Kellie Nicholson.JPG
Kellie Nicholson

Kellie Nicholson has navigated a challenging yet fulfilling life, transcending obstacles through unwavering determination. Originating from a small Ohio town, Kellie's thirst for exploration led her through Orlando, New York City, Los Angeles, and more, culminating in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Her diverse career path spans roles like bartender, real estate agent, college instructor, actor, life coach, and marketing director, including experiences at the renowned William Morris Agency and a stint on Days of Our Lives. Additionally, Kellie's entrepreneurial ventures, such as Grandma Gillie's Greetings and the Sweetwater Web Directory, showcase her artistic and marketing prowess. Despite health challenges, she remains prolific, having written books, hosted a podcast, and achieved acclaim as a motivational speaker, leaving an indelible impact on countless lives. Her workshops, renowned for their enlightening and entertaining nature, reflect her dedication to empowering others. As a life coach, Kellie embraces pushing clients beyond their limits, reflecting her belief that everyone holds potential for success.


C-FNP Mandy Jarvis – 

Medical Director


Dr. Carol Iverson –

Naturopathic Medicine


Kolbi McKenzie -

C-CHE, Centering Healthcare Educator

Bereavement/ Grief Education

Mindful Connections / Meditation

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