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We spared no expense on our Ocean Float Rooms flown in all the way from London. They are complete with state of the art technology and starlit ceilings to enhance your float therapy experience.


Floating in one of our Ocean Float Rooms improves tension headaches, sleep, reduces blood pressure, helps your body relax, speeds up muscle recovery, can alleviate chronic pain, helps magnesium deficiencies, enhances your creativity and meditation practices, along with so much more!   



Flotation therapy is the practice of lying back in one of our original float rooms and experiencing the blissful, profoundly relaxing, healing state of complete sensory rest. The scientific term is “sensory deprivation” but in reality, it is an experience rich in inner beauty and serenity. This environment allows an individual to float effortlessly on the surface of the water. The primary function of the isolation tank is to eliminate as many of the external senses as possible.

Float therapy provides the perfect sensory conditions for deep relaxation of the body and mind. By immersing yourself in an Ocean Float Room, you are effortlessly floating in a warm Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) solution, with no sound, no light, and with the solution and air at body temperature simulating the ultimate experience of nothingness. This allows the brain to enter a meditative state free from external sensory input. Floating can help with re-building neurological pathways while also alleviating the damaging effects of overactive stress hormones.

Post floaters experience for several days after feeling relaxed, euphoric yet energized and revitalized all at the same time.

Many years of well documented experiments have shown overwhelmingly that flotation therapy provides immediate and powerful benefits.  Frequently after one float, but certainly within several, flotation has an immediate effect on pain relief and the elimination of stress, whether physical, emotional, or psychological/mental. It is a godsend for pregnant women, especially those in the 3rd trimester, as well as anyone suffering from addictions, or habits they are trying to break.


Floating takes the pressure of gravity off joints and muscles and your body is put into a high state of physical relaxation.

  • Deep muscular relaxation

  • Accelerates healing of injuries.

  • Enhances Performance using visualization.

  • Boosts the immune system


Flotation gives the brain opportunity to enter a deeper state of rest and relaxation than sleep provides.

  • Complete physical & mental de-stressing

  • Deep muscular relaxation

  • Rejuvenates energy levels.

  • Enhances Creativity


Whilst floating, the brain works to focus on recently learned skills and information, making it a great way to process and retain information.

  • Stimulates creativity.

  • Promotes clarity of thought process.

  • Memory function

  • Verbal processing


Sensory deprivation therapy is achieved through removing close to 100% of all external stimulation, thereby freeing up huge areas of the subconscious mind. Gravity is neutralized through the super buoyant Epsom salt water, and the remaining senses are calmed through silence, darkness (unless the floater prefers a soft light in the beginning), minimizing skin sensation and temperature control.

As a result, the floater drifts into the deepest relaxation one can experience. It is a state deeper than sleep. There is often no awareness of the body. The effect of this experience is rapid and powerful relief of stress on all levels, as well as the other benefits.

Take a Virtual Float
Your First Float

Before you arrive

  • Don't shave 8 hours before (salt can sting open cuts). 

  • Nothing to bring but an open mind. 

  • Everything you need is provided (towel, ear plugs, shampoo, conditioner, and q-tips). 

  • Swimsuit not necessary. 

  • As little caffeine as possible before. 

  • Light meal an hour before your float (suggested, but not necessary). 

  • Arrive about 10 minutes before your float to get checked in and acquainted with the space.

When you arrive / float preparation

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time. We will greet you, offer a tour and answer any of your questions; we want you to feel welcome and relaxed.

  • Once you enter the float room, remove your clothes and all jewelry. Shower to remove oils, fragrances and hair products; all shower and float essentials are provided for you. *DO NOT USE CONDITIONER

  • Dry your face to avoid distracting water droplets, insert your foam ear plugs and step into the tank.

  • Lie back, resting your head into the water, legs extended and arms over your head or extended at your side. Your ears will be under the water line, but your face will remain above it. Find what’s comfortable for you.

  • The audio will gently fade on and a chime will sound when your session is complete.

  • Exit the tank, then shower again to remove any salty residue. Once you’re dressed, please exit the room to make way for our next floater.

  • No need to rush away; continue to relax in our “ et ready” room or enjoy some conversation in our communal area. Water is provided.

After your float

After the float is over feel free to hang out, read, chat,or just bask in your post-float glow. 
Stay as long or as little as you like after your float is over. Make sure and drink plenty of water after this service. 

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS
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