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Class Name: Weight Loss - Gaining awareness of your thoughts and feelings to create the body you desire.

My name is Ashley Cameron Pedersen. I am a certified life and weight loss coach. I also have a background in nutrition. My passion is helping women unlock their potential to create the health and lifestyle they want.

Have you tried everything to lose weight only to have it find its way back onto your body? You’re not alone. The reason this is such a huge problem for everyone is that we change our behavior for a certain period of time but we don’t address the core thoughts and feelings that move us back into our old habits and patterns. 


In this free class we will be covering…

  1. Basic weight loss nutrition

  2. How to get your brain to work for you instead of sabotaging you.

  3. How to overcome the emotions of deprivation and restriction that are associated with dieting.

  4. Creating motivation on purpose to make your weight loss journey enjoyable and sustainable.

  5. How to love yourself, your body, and food all the way to your goal. 


Come join Ashley for this free class on June 7, 2021 from 6:15-7:15 PM to see where your brain is holding you back.


A little more about Ashley:

I am a certified life and weight loss coach through the Life Coach School. I am a wife and mother of three. I grew up in Green River and received my Bachelors in Family and Consumer Science from the University of Wyoming. I ran track and cross country for both Green River and the University of Wyoming. During my first pregnancy I gained quite a bit of weight and as I had more children I started yo-yo dieting. I became passionate about healthy eating but I couldn’t seem to stick with it. I started doing yoga and meditation which helped but it wasn’t until I discovered life coaching that everything finally clicked for me. I was able to lose and maintain my weight while loving myself, my body, and food. I found that it isn’t just about what you know but also uncovering and debunking underlying thoughts to create lasting weight loss and health. I help my clients lose both physical and mental weight once and for all. 

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Elements Outside: Future dates to be announced


Teen Synergy: Class in session. Future dates to be announced.

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